Growing challenges are disrupting our old ways of getting around cities

Cities are complex systems. One visible artery of the city is traffic – the cluster of moving people and flowing goods – and mobility is critical for a city's life.

14 January 2016

Engineering a safer future in Nepal

How Nepalese student Tilak Pokharel is putting years of learning to good use rebuilding his country after it was smashed by a massive earthquake.

11 December 2015

Why is it cheaper to send goods to New York than to Sydney?

Associate Professor of Transport Engineering Russell Thompson explains why shipping can be more expensive domestically than internationally.

10 December 2015

New technologies to quench a thirsty world

Pioneering engineering technologies mean farmers can use water more efficiently, helping address global water shortages and produce more food.

8 December 2015

Creating healthy buildings for sustainable cities

Professor in Civil Engineering, Chair of Sustainable Cities and internationally recognised expert in engineering and sustainability, Professor Anne Steinemann has committed the last twenty years to creating healthier living and working environments.

30 November 2015

A city thrives on connectedness but access all hours makes privacy a problem

Data driven services might transform the way we interact with our city, but where does privacy and equal access fit into this future landscape? Professor Stephan Winter and Professor Christopher Leckie discuss with The Conversation.

23 November 2015

Welcome to Pursuit

Pursuit places cutting-edge research and expert commentary, by the University of Melbourne's world-leading experts, all at your fingertips.

18 November 2015

Factory of ideas open at the Endeavour Engineering & IT Exhibition 2015

An e-tool that allows visually impaired people to detect hazards and obstacles is just one of the student inventions that will be launched at the Endeavour Engineering & IT Exhibition 2015, the University of Melbourne’s showcase of design projects on show from 11.30am tomorrow (Thursday October 22).

21 October 2015

Solutions for disaster management on national agenda

Following an early start to the bushfire season, national and international experts on disaster and public safety related-research are in Melbourne this week to look at new initiatives and how to better deal with natural and man-made disasters.

13 October 2015

‘Future Mobility Sensing’: better travel data for a smarter city

New smartphone application the Future Mobility Sensing (FMS) app is currently being tested by the University of Melbourne to gather accurate travel and activity data. It is expected to provide more detailed travel information than traditional paper-based diaries.

22 September 2015

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