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Thursday 12 February

Time Topic Presenter
8.30am Registration  
9.00–9.05 Welcome Oz Kayak and Assoc Prof Duffield
9.05–9.15 Opening Address Assoc Prof Russell Thompson and Professor Tony Richardson
9.15–9.30 An Economic Analysis of the Determinants of Air Freight in South Asian Countries Hakim
9.30–9.45 ICT impacts on urban logistics Feng
9.45–10.00 The Global Maritime Container Network: an application of Conventional Transport Modelling Techniques Huang
10.00–10.15 Models for Optimal Allocation of Intermodal Transport Systems in Metropolitan Areas Teye
10.15–10.30 Address by sponsors: SIDRA, TCPA, CILTA, NTARC  
10.30–11.00 Morning Tea  
11.00–11.15 Passenger and Parcel Share Ride Yang
11.15–11.30 Evaluating Subjective Beliefs of Travel Time of Taxi Drivers Hassan
11.30–11.45 Reaching a Peak - review of the decline in car use in Australia and Germany Osterle
11.45–12.00 Health and transport: understanding Melbourne's sedentary transport patterns Burden
12.15–12.30 The Spatial Distribution of Travel to Work by Sustainable Transport Modes in Australian Cities Karanfilovski
12.30–1.30pm Lunch  
1.30–1.45 Health and Wellbeing Impact Modelling of Active Transport by Short Bouts of Walking Kayak
1.45–2.00 Why do many adults feel it is safe to travel by bike in Amsterdam or Copenhagen but not in inner Melbourne? Pattinson
2.00–2.15 The impacts of Environmental Freatures on Promoting Healthy Transport Saghapour
2.15 - 2.30 Choice modelling of car drivers selection among different types of parking in urban areas Karki
2.30–2.45 Do familiarity and awareness influence behavioural response? Balbontin
2.45–3.00 A Review of Computable General Equilibrium Modelling for Transport Appraisal Robson
3.00–3.30 Afternoon Tea  
3.30–3.45 Public transit mode share in dispersed lower density cities Lawrie
3.45–4.00 New Methods Exploring Urban Public Transport Congestion Using Lorenz Curves Pavkova
4.00–4.15 New Method for Evaluating Public Transport Congestion Relief Duy
4.15–4.30 Using Open Source Software for Evaluation of Multimodal Public Transport Sunter
4.30–4.45 Accessibility to a transport system: A User Case of Melbourne Fernandes
4.45–5.00 Departure Side Platforms: a road congestion mitigation measure Guzman
7.00–10.00pm Conference Dinner–University Café 257 Lygon Street, Carlton  

Friday 13 February

Time Topic Presenter
8.45–9.00am Development of Age Models for Rural Arterial roads in Victoria / Australia Najeeb Mohammed
9.00–9.15am Past Perspectives on Transport Demand Modelling in Melbourne Spiridonis
9.15–9.30 The Efficacy of Using Genetic Algorithm for Estimate Cross nested Logit Models and its Application to the Modelling of Intermodal Freight Transport Bell
9.30–9.45 Modelling signal platoon patterns by approach lane and movement class Akcelik
9.45–10.00 Build it and they will come: An investigation of airport infrastructure development in the case of regional airfreight services Kille
10.00–10.15 Towards Agent Based Activity–Travel Pattern Modelling to Predict Travel Demand for Demand Responsive Transport in Melbourne Jain
10.15 -10.30 Morning Tea  
10.30–10.45 Evaluation of Traffic Signal Performance and Signal Failure Impact Han
10.45–11.00 Computational Simulation of Road Safety Barriers: A Case Study Mohotti
11.00–11.15 An Analysis on the Geographical Transferability of Hazard-Based Models for Traffic Accident Duration Prediction Tajtehranifard
11.15–11.30 A Before and After Study of Casualty Crashes at Signalised Intersections Hussein
11.30–11.45 Identifying Crash Black Spots in Melbourne Road Networks by Using Kernel Density Estimation in GIS Toran Pour
11.45–12.00 A reactive agent based dynamic traffic micro-simulation model Barthelemy
12.00–1.00 Lunch  
1.00–1.15 An Absolute Deterministic Based Model for Permanent Deformation of Flexible Pavements for Low Volume Roads Alaswadko
1.15–1.30 Modelling the influence of the road right of way on urban microclimate  Fahim
1.30–1.45 Analysing the Effects of Stop & Go Conditions in Traffic Assignment Models Saxena
1.45–2.00 Transit Priority Lanes Design in Real Networks Bagloee
2.00–2.15 Travel speed data from probes — comparison with Eastlink e-tag data Espada
2.15–2.30 Afternoon Tea  
2.30–2.45 Prize presentations Assoc Prof Russell Thompson
2.45–3.45 What’s happening at:
  • ARRB
  • rCITI (UNSW)
  • ITLS (Sydney)
  • ITS (Monash)
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • RMIT University
  • TCPA (Vic)
  • SMART (Wollongong)
  • Griffith
  • STRC (QUT)
  • University of Melbourne
Nicole Ronald
3.45–4.30 Making CAITR a formal organisation Oz Kayak

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