Professor Michael Stewardson

Research Interests

  • Freshwater ecosystem management (environmental flows, river restoration, environmental monitoring)
  • River science (ecohydrology, ecohydraulics, hydromorphology)
  • Water resources (environmental water, water sharing, river basin management)

Personal webpage


Dr Michael Stewardson is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at The University of Melbourne. He is involved with the Departmental Research Group in Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources

Research interests
- ecohydraulics
- hydromorphology
- freshwater ecosystem management

Current projects
- understanding hyporheic exchange and its role in stream ecosystems
- monitoring and evaluation of environmental flows
- improving evidence-based practice in environmental management of rivers
- understanding benefits of urban stormwater harvesting on stream health

Recent Publications

  1. Horne A, Kaur S, Szemis J, Costa A, Webb J, Nathan R, Stewardson M, Lowe L, Boland N. Using optimization to develop a “designer” environmental flow regime. Environmental Modelling and Software. Elsevier Science. 2017, Vol. 88.
  2. McCluskey A, Grant SB, Stewardson M. Flipping the thin film model: Mass transfer by hyporheic exchange in gaining and losing streams. WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH. American Geophysical Union. 2016, Vol. 52, Issue 10.
  3. Horne A, Szemis JM, Kaur S, Webb J, Stewardson M, MacHado Costa A, Boland N. Optimization tools for environmental water decisions: A review of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve adoption. ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE. Elsevier Science. 2016, Vol. 84.
  4. Casas-Mulet R, McCluskey A, Casas-Mulet R, Stewardson M, Lakhanpal G, Gee E. The effect of clogging, bed-forms and bioturbation on hyporheic exchange: experimental studies at the flume scale. 11th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (ISE). The University of Melbourne. 2016. Editors: Webb JA, Costelloe JF, Lyon JP, Stewardson M.
  5. Stewardson M, Datry T, Lamouroux N, Pella H, Thommeret N, Valette L, Grant SB. Variation in reach-scale hydraulic conductivity of streambeds. GEOMORPHOLOGY. Elsevier Science. 2016, Vol. 259.
  6. Casas-Mulet R, Lakhanpal G, Casas-Mulet R, Stewardson M. Vertical and Horizontal Fine Sediment Accumulation During Fluctuating Flows: Outcomes from Flume Experiments. 11th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (ISE). The University of Melbourne. 2016. Editors: Webb JA, Costelloe JF, Lyon JP, Stewardson M.
  7. Webb J, De Little S, Miller K, Stewardson M, Rutherfurd I, Sharpe AK, Patulny LJ, Poff NL. A GENERAL APPROACH TO PREDICTING ECOLOGICAL RESPONSES TO ENVIRONMENTAL FLOWS: MAKING BEST USE OF THE LITERATURE, EXPERT KNOWLEDGE, AND MONITORING DATA. 3rd Biennial Symposium of the International Society for River Science. John Wiley & Sons. 2015, Vol. 31, Issue 4.
  8. Farquharson R, Freebairn J, Webb J, Stewardson M, Ramilan T. Allocating limited water: linking ecology and economics. 21st International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM). Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand. 2015. Editors: Weber T, McPhee MJ, Anderssen RS.
  9. Webb J, Miller K, Stewardson M, De Little S, Nichols SJ, Wealands S. An online database and desktop assessment software to simplify systematic reviews in environmental science. ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE. Elsevier Science. 2015, Vol. 64.
  10. Azizian M, Grant S, Kessler AJ, Cook PLM, Rippy MA, Stewardson M. Bedforms as Biocatalytic Filters: A Pumping and Streamline Segregation Model for Nitrate Removal in Permeable Sediments. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. American Chemical Society. 2015, Vol. 49, Issue 18.
  11. Horne A, Costa A, Boland N, Kaur S, Szemis J, Stewardson M. Developing a seasonal environmental watering tool. 36th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (HWRS). 2015.
  12. Aghakouchak A, Feldman D, Stewardson M, Saphores JD, Grant S, Sanders B. Australia's Drought: Lessons for California. Science. American Society for the Advancement of Science. 2014, Vol. 343, Issue 6178.
  13. Vietz G, Sammonds M, Walsh C, Fletcher T, Rutherford ID, Stewardson M. Ecologically relevant geomorphic attributes of streams are impaired by even low levels of watershed effective imperviousness. Geomorphology. Elsevier Science. 2014, Vol. 206.
  14. Acreman M, Arthington AH, Colloff MJ, Couch C, Crossman ND, Dyer F, Overton I, Pollino CA, Stewardson M, Young W. Environmental flows for natural, hybrid, and novel riverine ecosystems in a changing world. FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT. Ecological Society of America. 2014, Vol. 12, Issue 8.
  15. Virahsawmy H, Stewardson M, Vietz G, Fletcher T. Factors that affect the hydraulic performance of raingardens: Implications for design and maintenance. Water Science and Technology. IWA Publishing. 2014, Vol. 69, Issue 5.

Michael Stewardson

Level: 04 Room: 412B
Engineering Block D, Parkville
University of Melbourne
3010 Australia

T: +61 3 83447750

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